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X9 Variable Voltage Battery

X9  Battery

The X9 is a solid body metal cased battery. It is the highest capacity battery we carry. Capacity is how long the battery lasts. This battery is also very powerful at up to 4.1V at it’s highest setting. This means more heat and more heat means bigger rips and better at powering bigger or clogged cartridges.

Color: Silver, Gold, Black

Kits includes:
X9 Battery, User manual, Gift box

NOTE 5-click switch off/on mechanism: Click the button rapidly 5-times to set the battery to ON mode or to oscillate between voltage settings – more instructions included with battery.


• Variable Voltage 3.3v / 3.8v / 4.1v
• Dimensions: 4 in x 0.7 in
• Weight 65g
• 1300mAh
• 510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C atomizers


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RECYCLE IT! Batteries contain toxic heavy metals like mercury. After your battery is spent make sure it ends up in the right hands, not in the regular trash! In Oakland you can put them in a ziplock bag and set them on top of a trash bin for curbside pickup. More info: From any town: Home Depot or RadioShack as well as other businesses take batteries for recycling – even spent rechargeable batteries. Find your closest battery recycling drop off:


Black, Gold, Silver