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Sour OG Kola – Cherry Kola Farms

One jarred 1/8 of Sour OG Kola from multiple cup-winner Cherry Kola Farms.

Test Results: THC = 16.47% / CBD = 0.04% / Total Terpenes 2.07%

Like all strains from Cherry Kola Farms this is a cross with their Cherry Kola strain. This strain is a Kandahar Province Landrace Afghani Female crossed with a Takhar Province Landrace Afghani Male.
“The seeds of these landrace Afghani strains were the absolute cream of the crop, collected in Afghanistan and carefully bred in Northern California. These two specific phenotypes were selected and bred for their “cherry-like” smell, copious resin production, high calyx to leaf ration and tinge of violet shades throughout the bud. Cherry Kola is the finest Landrace Afghani cannabis cross in existence!”

Cherry Kola Farms has won:
2013 Emerald Cup – 2nd Place: Flowers, 2013 Emerald Cup – 1st Place: Breeder’s Cup, 2013 Oaksterdam on the Green: Master’s Cup – People’s Choice Award, 2012 Hightimes Medical Cannabis Cup: San Francisco – 3rd Place: Indica.

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1/8 oz jarred