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Big Sur Star Drops

1 gram Star Drops dabbable honey consistency concentrate in an applicator. Strains vary – right now we have AK-47 (hybrid).

Welcome to Big Sur, taking the spirit of the northern California coast line and the infamous surf breaks of Big Sur.

Utilizing CO2 to extract the cannabinoids and physical process to preserve the natural terpenes of the strain, Sun Drops highlight the essence of a pure concentrate. Sun Drops give you a enhanced version of the original cannabis plant without solvents. Nothing from the outside the plant is added.

Big Sur extracts is a collaborative dedicated to elevating the science and craft of super critical CO2 and solvent free post processing to the highest level. Our Drops line is an innovative, dabable product created through our scientific approach in our state-of-the-art facility.

An elevated flavorful dabable product that also lets you utilize refillable vape cartridges and enhance your flowers StarDrops will not disappoint you!

Check out this video by Big Sur showing how to dab their Star Drops! 


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76-82% THC
1 gram dabble concentrate in a convenient applicator


Cinderella, Dutch Treat, Super Skunk

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